In our last webinar, we spoke about another compelling story of leadership in digital transformation.  My guest, Praveen Ramanthan of an Ayantek shared his experience of working with Blue Cross/Blue Shield of Massachusetts who wanted to improve its customers experience by simplifying and accelerating the ability to turn around quotes for coverage.

In this case, the client had 40-50 backend legacy systems, each functioning separately. The siloed data caused major digital gridlock, obstructing sales processes, inhibiting customer service, and generally slowing business down.

The solution?  Begin by drawing up a map of how each system is connected, hang it on the wall for all to see, with the business owners, chart the optimum data flows through the system, identify and prioritize opportunities for improvement, build and test in increments and move deliberately toward an enhanced capability.   What started as a “spider web of inputs and outputs” became a critical tool in getting everyone to see the current state, and visualize a path to the desired state.

This story underscores the power helping your team see the big picture and be involved in how best to achieve it.   It’s critical for staff to understand how their work complements others’ and contributes to the business’ broader goals. Whether you use a map or some other means, ensuring your people have access to the “big picture” can streamline processes, save time and add value to the outcome for customers.

Click here to hear my interview with Praveen and don’t hesitate to contact me when you’re ready to launch your own digital transformation.