Last week, I spoke with Praveen Ramanathan, CEO of Ayantek on my “Leading Digital Transformation” Talk Show Webinar Series. At the start of our conversation, he offered a terrific example of the SMAC Stack. (Combining the power of Social-Mobile-Analytics and Cloud-based tools.) Praveen mentioned the story of one client, Haemonetics, which wanted to be a leader in blood management. To do so, they needed to automate their processes, adding intelligence, and combine the power of each element of the SMAC stack.

This story, to me, highlights the fact that successful digital transformation, like any effective transformation begins with having a clear vision of the future you want to create.   Leaders must have – and be able to communicate — the compelling purpose they hope to achieve. In this case, Haemonetics wanted to be the world’s leader in blood management. Their opportunity to excel was found in the ability to integrate and enhance their business by capturing real-time cloud-based analytics on all of their blood management devices in the field, continuously monitoring that information across their mobile network, and engaging with suppliers and customers for proactive repair and replacement to provide high quality, assured customer service. Whether you were an employee or patient, doctor or donor, Haemonetics vision of leadership “from the arm of the donor to the arm of the patient,” was not only crystal clear, but inspiring and real.  And harnessing the SMAC stack, as a force multiplier across the its value chain helped Haemonetics turn its Vision to Reality!

To hear the full interview with Praveen, please clicking here and contact me when you’re ready to launch your own digital transformation.