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Does Your Leadership Vision Have SMAC?

Last week, I spoke with Praveen Ramanathan, CEO of Ayantek on my “Leading Digital Transformation” Talk Show Webinar Series. At the start of our conversation, he offered a terrific example of the SMAC Stack. (Combining the power of Social-Mobile-Analytics and Cloud-based tools.) Praveen mentioned the story of one client, Haemonetics, which wanted to be a leader in blood management. To do so, they needed to automate their processes, adding intelligence, and combine the power of [...]

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Leadership and the Art of The Big Picture

In our last webinar, we spoke about another compelling story of leadership in digital transformation.  My guest, Praveen Ramanthan of an Ayantek shared his experience of working with Blue Cross/Blue Shield of Massachusetts who wanted to improve its customers experience by simplifying and accelerating the ability to turn around quotes for coverage. In this case, the client had 40-50 backend legacy systems, each functioning separately. The siloed data caused major digital gridlock, obstructing sales processes, [...]

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