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About Kim

For more than 30 years, Kim has worked with C-Suite leaders in Information Technology and Engineering to drive digital and information-based strategies, solve problems, build teams and fuel growth. Her experience has led her to become an executive IT consultant to the CIO and CTO at Harvard University, lead more than 20,000 people across the world, and achieve the rank of Major General in the active Air Force Reserve.

As a partner with velocityHUB, she consults, trains and provides executive coaching to some of the world’s leading companies and universities. As an experienced senior executive leader, Kim has led the successful implementation of multi-billion dollar programs that deliver enterprise-scale IT and engineering capabilities around the world.

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Are Your Technology Investments Aligned with Your Business Needs?


Each year, in virtually every industry, you are expected to achieve greater results for your business with fewer resources. Increasing competition and escalating expenses continue to drive a need to use technology to drive efficiencies. This translates to an urgent need to increase your employee engagement and productivity through smart technological approaches. velocityHUB provides businesses the proven experience, methodologies and tools to make it possible to align your technology investments with your business needs.

Is Your IT Workforce Ready to Meet Today’s Needs & Ensure Continuous Innovation?


Technology and innovation are moving quickly. Is your team keeping up? As we make technological improvements in our businesses, it is important to prepare our teams to lead the organization through change and then continue to drive our initiatives forward. velocityHUB develops leaders to be ready to grow with your business.

Don’t Just Implement a Quick Fix, Build a Team, a Strategy, and a Process


Overcome your challenges, assure privacy & security, reduce time-to-market, leverage digital technologies, enhance & enable service offerings, increase your employee engagement, improve team productivity and achieve the results you deserve. At velocityHUB we don’t believe in band-aids and quick fixes, we believe in building leaders to engineer your success.

Develop Leaders to Engineer Your Technology Success


If you are a motivated leader looking to bring your business to new heights, velocityHUB can help you do it. Our business is developing leaders that are able to solve business problems, lead teams, increase employee engagement and drive technological advancement, initiatives & strategies.

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Why velocityHUB?


The velocityHUB methodologies, programs & solutions were built and continue to be driven by the successful processes developed by globally recognized leader, Brendan P. Keegan. With a goal of building 1 million leaders, Brendan and his team leverage 20 years of proven experience in business leadership to consistently engineer a high level of results for the mid-market and global companies velocityHUB partners with.

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